About Me

Personal details

Name: Alexey Abramov
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russian Federation
Citizenship: Russian
Habitation: Munich, Germany
Marital status: Single

E-mail: alexey.abramov.salzi{-at-}gmail.com
Web page: salzis.wordpress.com
GitHub: @aabramovrepo


Russian: native speaker
German: fluent
English: fluent

Office Address

Continental Teves AG
Guerickestraße 7
60488 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Operating site

85609 München Dornach, Germany


Here you can download my resume: English

Professional experience

2015 May – today: Development engineer environment model

Continental Teves AG, Frankfurt am Main / Munich, Germany.

– Development of algorithms and camera-based systems for autonomous vehicles
– Online road modeling using the sensor fusion
– Lane perception with a high-resolution camera
– Deep learning for visual recognition: lane perception, enhanced environment modeling

2013 May – 2015 April: Development engineer environment model

Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Munich, Germany.

– Development of algorithms and camera-based systems as a part of the project “automated driving” between the automobile manufacturer BMW and the automotive supplier Continental
– Lane perception with a high-resolution camera
– Enhanced environment modeling

2012 August – 2013 April: Postdoctoral Researcher (Post-Doc)

Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen, Germany.

Development of algorithms and camera-based systems as a part of the project “GARNICS” – Gardening with a Cognitive System


2008 April – 2012 July: PhD in Computer Science (PCS)

Göttingen, Germany
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Florentin Wörgötter, Dr. Babette Dellen

Development of the real-time segmentation algorithm for stereo image sequences on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

2002 Sep – 2008 Feb: MSc and BA in Computer Science

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
(Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
Faculty of Cybernetics
Moscow, Russia

1992 Sep – 2002 Jun: School education

Primary school 1097
High school 1188
Moscow, Russia

Research / Development experience

Computer vision and image processing
Artificial intelligence and deep learning for object recognition
Autonomous driving
Camera-based automotive systems
Camera-based Road Marking and Lane Detection
Image / video segmentation and object tracking
Stereo Vision
Real-time computer vision systems
Parallel computing and architectures
Video Surveillance Systems